5 Beauty + Wellness Treatments That Multitask With NeurotriS Body Contouring

Want to earn more revenues, and not work any additional hours? 

Do you offer time intensive beauty + wellness treatments such as lash extensions or LED Light Therapy treatments?

Do you have busy clients who would love to get two services simultaneously to help them get more done in their day?


You can double your revenues with each client by adding on NeurotriS Body Contouring treatments at the same time you’re performing some of your more popular beauty and wellness treatments.  

NeurotriS - From Head To Toe

There are 5 very popular beauty and wellness treatments that can have a NeurotriS Body Contouring treatment added in that are a no-brainer for helping clients who want to look incredible and save time while achieving their goal.

1. During A Facial Treatment

The most obvious option, you can create a program to incorporate NeurotriS Body Contouring on clients during a facial treatment.  While you’re cleansing, steaming, masking, and massaging their skin to look its best, the NeurotriS SX-4500 Ultimate Facial + Body System can perform Lipolysis, anti-cellulite and muscle toning treatments. 

2. While Administering LED Light Therapy

If you’re administering LED Light Therapy treatments, those clients are laying in your bed for 30 minutes.  This is the perfect opportunity to improve their facial skin care goals and help them meet their body goals at the same time. 
The same client who is interested in LED Light Therapy will love to learn about the science of NeurotriS Dynamic Microcurrent and how the SX-4500 Ultimate Facial + Body System can work to diminish trouble spots of adipose tissue and reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

3. As You Apply Lash Extensions + Lash Lift

Create a “Lash + Crunches Power Session”, explain to clients that you can help them tone up the tummy while you do their lash lift or lash extensions.  Kill 2 birds with one stone!  Rock that crop top or bare midriff dress this summer as you bat your lashes! 

4. Brow Services - Microblading or Lamination

Again, do a “Brows and Belly Firming Session” - same as with lashes, explain to your clients that you came sure they have perfect brows and firmer tight belly for the summer!

5. Flex Muscles with Reflexology

If you offer any type of foot reflexology or hand and foot treatments - you can help clients flex their muscles during these very popular wellness treatments.  

It’s great to think outside of the box. Using your SX-4500 Ultimate Facial & Body System as much as you can will help you to increase revenues.  
You can sell series of LED Light Therapy, Facials, Lash and Brow services and reflexology services and layer on a NeurotriS Dynamic Microcurrent Body Contouring Treatment,  creating a huge windfall of cash for the business and a client who will be coming regularly!

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