Beauty Industry Sales Surge

After a year of forced closures for many beauty businesses throughout the world, there is some very encouraging news from  They recently interviewed the Chairman and CEO of L’Oreal. Here’s an excerpt from the piece. 

“The French company beat expectations in its first quarter results for 2021, with sales up 10.2 per cent organically….  North America was up 6.3 per cent!”

The beauty industry sales surge is a real thing and it is happening all over the United States.

2021 International Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa Conference Las Vegas IECSC

We had a booth at the IECSC in Las Vegas this year and it was an incredible show! We saw this sales surge first hand during June 20th and 21st in person at IECSC in Las Vegas. 

Spa and skin care professionals were so excited to be back at in-person events!  The energy was electric and everyone was overwhelmingly positive. The show sold more tickets in 2021 than it did in 2019, and many of the exhibitors indicated that they hit all-new single day sales records for any trade show EVER.

SX-4500 Dominated The Conversation in Las Vegas

We showcased the body contouring capabilities of the SX-4500 and the attendees gave us an overwhelmingly positive response.   Estheticians and spa industry professionals were given the opportunity to sign up for a body treatment demonstration at the show.  We had 2 full days of demonstrations of the SX-4500 for Fat Reduction, Anti-Cellulite Treatments, and Muscle Toning.


SX-4500 Received Rave Reviews From Attendees

We were thrilled to see skin care professionals who have been in the industry for years line up to try the SX-4500.  They were able to experience the NeurotriS Dynamic Microcurrent first hand and see how the system works on the body to contract muscle to improve muscle tone. They were able to feel the sensations of the SX-4500 as it worked to firm and tighten facial skin and reduce adipose body fat and help to treat cellulite.  The machine was a hit with everyone!


Body Treatments Continue To Grow After Covid

Covid kept so many people from normal fitness and eating routines. This coupled with a more sedentary lifestyle and more to-go food choices created what is now being called the “Covid-20”, among many Americans. We’re seeing more professionals looking for a body contouring option to help clients get back into pre-covid shape.  The SX-4500 is the perfect system to add to a spa to create a body contouring menu that will provide quality services.  

SX-4500 Ideal Body Contouring System

SX-4500 will offer the most basic body contouring options to improve superficial skin surfacing i.e. improve the décolleté by minimizing crepiness, toning and tightening the arms, legs, and buttox.  

You will be able to improve and reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. The Dynamic Microcurrent technology oxygenates the skin cells by increasing blood and lymphatic flow. 

With the SX-4500, you can offer a full service body contouring menu. You can earn revenue for your business by performing Fat Reduction, Anti-Cellulite Treatments and Muscle toning Treatments. 

SX-4500 System Of Choice For Pros Globally

In a recent article, we showcase Orsi Matheiszhu, owner of ORSKIN AESTHETICS , located in Dubai, UAE.Orsi has been an esthetician for 18 years and has been using NeurotriS for 2 years. 

She found NeurotriS on social media and was convinced that she needed to add it to her practice. Here’s what she had to say...

“NeurotriS is our most popular treatment because the results are phenomenal and it feels so relaxing!” “It’s the best microcurrent device on the market.  Clients feel the difference they have never experienced before.”

SX4500 Let’s You Run 2 Business With One System
Facial Toning + Body Contouring  - Double Your Revenues
The SX4500 is two machines in one! It’s a complete facial system and a complete body system. The SX4500 is equipped with a multi channel facial system & our 16 channel body system all in one machine. This versatility makes the SX4500 ideal for both facial treatments as well as body contouring, fat-reduction treatments and cellulite treatments.

Facial Toning
The SX4500 has a complete multi channel facial system that is not matched in any other machine on the market. You will have all of the capabilities of the SX3800, in this machine that will also allow you to do Level 2 Body Toning. Learn More

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