Kids Are Back In School Now Get Back To You

As summer draws to a close, the inevitable back to school season is upon us.  But this back to school season is very special. For many parents it’s the first time in a while that they’re not homeschooling their children.  For the past 18 months many schools have had students at home doing distance learning, which added an extra layer of stress to many families.

This additional stress was normal for many families. The stress of being home a lot more than in the past, along with fewer outdoor activities and less travel over the past 18 months - many parents weren’t as focused on health and wellness. Many added a few extra pounds and an extra inch or two on their waist. 

Now as kids head back to school and schedules return to somewhat normal, clients will have the time to take inventory and focus on getting back to a healthier way of life.  This can include healthier eating, more exercise and maybe even some body contouring services. 

Fat Reduction, Anti-Cellulite + Muscle Toning Services Are In Demand

At the Las Vegas IECSC trade show this summer, we learned that the demand for body contouring devices was very high. This is due to increased demand by spa clients looking for services that can help them get back into “pre-pandemic shape”.  

Use The NeurotriS SX 4500

Now is the perfect time to showcase body treatment in your treatment room.

You can help meet the demand for body contouring services by offering:

Fat Reduction
Anti-cellulite Treatments
Muscle Toning

All of these can be done with the NeurotriS SX4500. 

Offer Paris Hilton’s Favorite Facial 

The SX4500 also allows you to lift, tone and tighten facial muscles for clients who have deep wrinkles and severe skin laxity.   Dynamic Microcurrent treatments with the NeurotriS SX4500 are some of Paris Hilton’s favorite facials.   Help clients get back to their pre-pandemic appearance by offering Paris's treatment for face and body!  

NeurotriS Body Contouring Treatments Popular Around The World

Orsi Matheiszhu, owner of ORSKIN AESTHETICS , located in Dubai, UAE, has been an esthetician for 18 years and has been using NeurotriS for 2 years. She found NeurotriS on social media and was convinced that she needed to add it to her practice.

NeurotriS Has Had An Amazing Impact On My Business

“NeurotriS is our most popular treatment because the results are phenomenal and it feels so relaxing!” “It’s the best microcurrent device on the market.  Clients feel the difference they have never experienced before.” Orsi

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Timing is everything. Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your sales revenues by showcasing the hugely popular body and facial services that you can offer with the NeurotriS SX4500.  Help clients achieve amazing results by offering treatments loved by celebrities here in the U.S as well as men and women all over the world.  

Learn more about the NeurotriS SX4500.

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