Super Charge Your Hyperpigmentation Masks

Ah, Fall…. It’s the time of year when pumpkins are everywhere, even in skin care treatments!  We love pumpkin enzymes because they’re an ideal treatment for hyperpigmentation. The skin care industry also loves autumn, because it’s the time of year when we work on treating all of the summer sun damage!  

However, when it comes to treating hyperpigmentation, there are many types of treatments that work, one that we love are masks! 

Here’s a fun fact - microcurrent won’t directly treat hyperpigmentation - BUT - it can supercharge your hyperpigmentation treatment masks, making them much more effective.  Yes, the iontophoresis setting on the NeurotriS Dynamic Microcurrent systems will work to improve product penetration! This will allow you to create an add-on service to any skin care treatment!  

Now you can ensure that all of your active ingredients such as skin brighteners and tyrosinase inhibitors will actually penetrate the epidermis and be delivered to the living tissue using the Dynamic Microcurrent only available with NeurotriS. The iontophoresis setting will allow you to multitask your mask!  

It’s easy to pair the appropriate system connector to your favorite mask medium. 

Masks that dry to a solid are ideal because the Face Pads or Alligator Clips work well to make the mask conductive.

Even masks that are designed for hydration or to boost collagen get a supercharge from  NeurotriS Dynamic Microcurrent

The Alligator Clips

These work ideally with sheet masks. You can enhance the benefits of these masks!

We love the XO8 Peptide Radiance Mask is a refreshing treatment mask containing rich antioxidants, active botanicals, and revitalizing factors that will immediately brighten, smooth, and hydrate the skin for a truly radiant appearance.




Quad Cable Probe Insert 

The Quad Cable Probe Insert is what is used to connect the NeurotriS System to the Alligator Clips or the Face Pad. These can be easily inserted into a Jelly Mask with the Insert on Quad Cable.

Face Pads 

Face Pads can go directly on skin, or over the mask; the signal will be delivered the same way.

You can see the Peel Off Alginate Masque from Environ.



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