NeurotriS For All Holiday Beauty Prep

There is no better time to purchase a NeurotriS Dynamic Microcurrent Device!  November and December are the months where clients are looking to put the best version of themselves forward! They want to tone - tighten and glow so they can look amazing in their holiday photos and at all of their upcoming holiday events!

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Holidays Are Perfect for NeurotriS 

This is also an incredibly positive time of year for estheticians, spa owners and skin care studio owners who are considering investing in an SX-4500 for their business.  There is no other time of year that is as focused on selling gift certificates and packages like the holiday season.  It’s an incredible time of year to purchase an SX-4500 and recoup your investment quickly by selling Holiday Gift Certificate Packages!


Treat Face + Body 

You can use the purchase of your new NeurotriS SX-4500 as a tax deduction for your business.  The purchase will also allow you to boost your year end sales!  You can pre-sell packages for facial treatments as well as Dynamic Microcurrent Body Treatments for body contouring that include fat loss, cellulite reduction and muscle toning, while sharing  the amazing results it can bring with your loyal clients to grow your revenues.  


Our Before + Afters

Imagine showing all of your regular clients - the incredible NeurotriS before and after photos and explaining how you can give them similar results.  There are no other microcurrent devices on the market that can match NeurotriS. The ability to achieve incredible results of toning and tightening the face and body are unparalleled.  The savvy skin care professional will use these results to create Holiday Gift Card Packages that their loyal clients can add to their holiday wish lists.


Our Testimonials

Our favorite part about our business is that we don’t really need to “sell” our Dynamic Microcurrent Systems. We get so many testimonials from celebrities like Madonna and Paris Hilton, from skin care industry leaders and from estheticians around the world. We just share what has been said about NeurotriS. Read our Testimonials and you’ll be a believer - just like thousands of skin care professionals from all over the world.  

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