Take “A New Year - New You” To A New Level

Home Care Tool To Celebrate The New You in the New Year

We are so proud to announce the New + Improved PICO Toner!

All-New For 2022!

Give clients a home care tool that is better than ever! We’ve spent an exceptional amount of time working to make the PICO Toner that you know and love, even better!

The 2022 updated PICO Toner has more available power to accommodate additional ports for additional applicators

Now it has all-new accessory cables that are easier to connect and remove.

We did research and testing to come up with  new advanced programming that offers updated signaling for better results!

The all-new PICO Toner has dual ports for adding accessories, up to 8 Alligator clips can be added or up to 8 Facial pads can be added.

It’s time to get ready for a flood of clients coming into your treatment rooms who are ready to embrace the slogan, “A New Year - A New You!”  The end of December brings about a desire for change and improvements! Many people focus on improving their lives in every aspect and one of them always includes their health and well-being!

As we turn the corner to a new year - it’s the perfect time to introduce your clients to NeurotriS Dynamic Microcurrent! We are the only device that offers the sophisticated technology of Dynamic Microcurrent which provides a customized and unique treatment every single time. We’re better than other static microcurrent devices that provide a one-size fits all solution.  

We want our NeurotriS System owners to embrace this opportunity and help clients meet their goals by offering in-treatment services as well as provide a tool for clients to use at home!

If you are a NeurotriS System owner you can retail the PICO Toner to your clients for use at home.  If you don’t own a system, you can become a member of our Affiliate program  and earn a commission on the sale of the PICO Toner and we will drop ship to your clients.

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Treatment Room Tool To Celebrate The New You in the New Year

So many of the New Year’s Resolutions will be around getting in shape and losing weight. Nothing works better for fat loss, cellulite reduction and toning and tightening like the NeurotriS SX-4500.  This is our most effective and versatile Dynamic Microcurrent System. The SX-4500 allows you to run two businesses out of the same treatment room. 

You can help clients focus on meeting their goals for both body and skin in the new year! The SX-4500 offers an incredible assortment of channels that allow you to lift, tone and tighten the facial muscles and skin. It also offers programs that allow you to help clients reduce cellulite, lose fat and tone/tighten muscle. 

Finish The Year Off Right

Now is the perfect time to purchase your NeurotriS Dynamic Microcurrent System. It will be easy to cover the cost of the device. You can also take advantage of the last minute tax deduction for your business and save money on taxes.

Because it’s December, you can take advantage of the gift giving season to grow your cash revenues now. Selling series of treatments as holiday gifts - you can earn revenue in December and then fill up your appointment books in January.

Those clients you see in January will see great results and then result in client referrals, this will result in even more revenue to your business.  We know this happens because we’ve received countless testimonials from NeurotriS system owners that they grow their business from clients bragging to friends and family about their results.  

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