Looking for an easy and proven way to increase your sales? If you feel like your sales are declining or just flat and you’re not able to boost them, we have a solution for you.

You’ll definitely want to look to microcurrent as a business building, sales improvement tool.  

Microcurrent as a treatment option is not new.  However, the popularity of the treatment is growing in recent years.  It’s becoming a treatment that everyone in the skin care industry loves.  

We’re even seeing major Hollywood celebrities falling in love with microcurrent.  It’s a very scientific treatment that offers exceptional results. Many times after must one treatment clients are hooked on the results.  They may not fully understand the science, and they’re ok with that because the love what they see in the mirror.

5 Tips For Boosting Your Sales With Microcurrent

1 Promote Celebrities Who Love + Why They Love

When you’re promoting the service, make sure to promote that Hollywood A-Listers such as Paris Hilton and Madonna both use NeurotriS.  Let clients know how much these women love the ant-aging results. 

2 Don’t Sell The Science Sell The Results

There’s a lot of science behind NeurotriS Dynamic Microcurrent, but don’t sell that to your client.  Be sure to sell/educate your client on the amazing results that NeurotriS Dynamic Microcurrent Systems will offer them.  Show them the before and after images.  Let them see the lifting and the tightening in these photos. They will want those results too, and you can deliver them with NeurotriS.

3 Give Every Client A Treat

Run a promotion where you promise to give every client a treat!  Make it a free introductory sample treatment of microcurrent.  Then as you’re performing the treatment, let them  know about the celebrities who love it, the results most people get and give them a quick snippet about the science.  Make it a sentence or 2 on how the science of the machine impacts the skin on cellular level. 

4 Add Microcurrent To Client Treatment Plan

It can be a little scary to add additional treatments to a list of suggestions for each client. Let that fear fall away!  Your clients want to look amazing - that’s why they come to you!  Let them know you can help them achieve the best skin condition possible and regular microcurrent treatments are part of their plan

5 Never Forget Your ABC’s

This is the #1 mistake we see! Estheticians do the first 4 items on this list perfectly.  But they FORGET TO ALWAYS BE  CLOSING!

Close that sale!  When you’re checking your client out, make sure you say, “I’ll add a series of microcurrent treatments so that you can achieve the results we talked about.  Which credit card do you want to use today?”  

You have to ask them to purchase the item.  You’ll feel so amazing when they say yes!  Now, they may ask you some more questions - those come in the form of objections.  Don’t be afraid!  They just want more information.  Help them understand more by giving them more information.  

Have Confidence

When you’re working with clients and selling microcurrent, do it with confidence and pride!  The NeurotriS dynamic microcurrent is an award-winning device that has been used by thousands of estheticians.  We have a list of highly respected and prominent estheticians who love NeurotriS and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in treatments every year.  Join them! 

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