Meet the Team


Tony Picciano


Tony Picciano holds a Masters in Electronic Engineering. Tony has over 30 years of experience an engineer and also holds a pre-hospital medical license as a Paramedic. Tony Picciano is CEO of NeurotriS.


Patricia Picciano, R.N.


Patricia Picciano holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing. She has 18 years of experience as a RN, of which 15 years she specialized as an emergency/trauma nurse. Patricia is the NeurotriS director of sales and training.


Dr. Linda Hillebrand, M.D.


Dr. Linda Hillebrand is a diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging as well as the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She strives to provide both male and female patients with the opportunity to live their healthiest, longest, and strongest life possible.

Hand Made in America

How many times do you hear that the products that you’re purchasing for your business are handmade? It’s rare! But not for NeurotriS! These devices are FDA cleared and are hand made in a state licensed facility in Irvine, CA! The machines are custom designed with every order, by the design team at NeurotriS, then those designs are handed over to engineers who hand make each device!


Research & Development Is Important

NeurotriS is on the cutting edge of technology! We invest heavily into research and development so that you can be assured you are always going to get the absolute best devices. The R&D team at NeurotriS works tirelessly to deliver the most current microcurrent technology


Quality Control

Fun Fact: Every single device that leaves the NeurotriS facility must be inspected by company CEO, Tony Picciano to ensure that it meets standards. This is only after each devices is put through a rigorous set of tests to ensure that it will live up to its FDA clearance and lifetime warranty!


Patricia Picciano, R.N., is the Director of Sales & Training at NeurotriS. Her strong medical background and over a decade of experience working with microcurrent make her an amazing resource!

One of the amazing benefits of purchasing a NeurotriS device is the training and education that comes with the device. There is a team of trainers that cover the whole country! Our trainers are here to help NeuotriS device owners maximize their machines!

Everyone at NeurotriS from Tony, the CEO; Patricia, Director of Sales & Training; and Keri, Customer Service; Pam and Gena, our Field Trainers; and Cherie Callahan our Business Development Strategist are all here to help you find success with NeurotriS in your business. When you purchase a NeurotriS microcurrent machine, the whole team is here to support and help you in any way that they can!

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