Get To Know NeurotriS Probes, Gloves and Pads

NeurotriS dynamic microcurrent systems are incredibly sophisticated. The systems have the capabilities to provide dramatic improvements to the face and body.  These results can be achieved by using the correct treatment accessory, be it a probe, pad, or glove with the most appropriate system. 

The best way to learn how to combine probes and systems is to work closely with your NeurotriS training representative. Every professional who owns a Neurotris system is assigned a trainer with their purchase. You will be provided their contact information and are encouraged to  contact your trainer. Trainers are available via email and text message and can do FREE online training upon request.

Get To Know The Accessories

Learning about each of the NeurotriS accessories. Understanding what each accessory is best suited for, along with what system is best suited to each probe and or probe, pad or glove combination will help you provide amazing, results oriented treatments for your clients.

Pico Probes 

The most identifiable of the NeurotriS probes. Made famous because Madonna uses these in her NeurotriS treatments. Ideal for wrinkle reduction and lifting.

Reduce troublesome wrinkles from areas that most clients are concerned about, the forehead lines, frown lines, crows feet, the nasolabial fold, and lip lines.You also focus on lifting, focus on the neck, jowls, eyes and cheeks. 

They’re used for face treatments on the SX-3800  and good for face and body on SX-4500.

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Infinity Probes

Brand New Probes - just released.  These new probes have been re-imagined from top to bottom! Every aspect of the new probe has been designed for versatility, longevity and ease of use!  Now providing a NeurotriS treatment will be more fluid and free. You will find that the newly designed probes work with you as you rotate and move during the treatment.  You will enjoy the freedom of a longer cable, which will allow you to have your NeurotriS system a bit farther from the treatment area. 

These are ideal for small focus areas such as lip plumping and the inside corner of the eyes; You can use them to detox the skin, to improve product penetration, they’re great for all NeurotriS systems.

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Silver Facial Sculpting Gloves™ are milled to high quality to deliver the appropriate intrinsic dielectric property and promises a uniform disbursement of the Specific Frequency Signature (SFS) energy throughout the entire surface of the glove giving you maximum performance!

Use the gloves for wrinkle reduction and lifting and to improve texture. These are great for sculpting, you can only use one set on a client.

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ANMA Lift By Jane Mann

The ANMA Lift by Jane Mann adds the power of Dynamic Microcurrent to Jane Mann’s ANMA Lift facial contouring tool that uses specialized facial massage techniques to help restore definition, collagen and elastin to the skin.  Use this probe with any SX NeurotriS system for facial contouring and detoxifying the skin. It’s also compatible with the PICO Toner.

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Photon probe 

Combine LED, Ultrasound and Light Therapy with our dynamic microcurrent. Great to use as a warm-up to a microcurrent treatment. This will warm up the skin, penetrate produce and increase blood circulation. You can also use this during a regular facial to improve product penetration. Great for all NeurotriS systems.

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Body Pads

Body pads are for the SX-4500 to treat specific areas. You can treat multiple areas of the body in the same treatment for toning and lifting and fat reduction. 

Face pads 

You can treat focus areas for a neck lift, and treat the decolletage. You can use the pads over other probes because they allow you to treat specific areas while using the probes or gloves on other areas at the same time. Typically, you wouldn’t use the pads over the probes or gloves because the results won’t be as good with just pads.

Alligator clips 

These are wonderful to attach to a sheet mask or insert into a gel mask. They use the mask as a conductor and help to improve product penetration and offer lifting and toning during the mask step in a facial treatment. 

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