Make 6 Figures Using NeurotriS

Meet A NeurotriS 6 Figure Esthetician

We’d like to introduce you to Karen Weaver!

It’s not a joke!  Even in a pandemic, this savvy esti is forging forward, using NeurotriS.


Karen chose her 2nd act to be the skin care profession. She came to esthetics later in life as a 2nd career and is thrilled with her choice.  Now, she’s taking her skincare business to a whole new level!

Karen began her career as an esti just 3 years ago.  Fresh out of school she was eager to learn and grow.  She looked for mentors in the industry and found Lori Crete. 

It was through Lori’s mentoring that Karen was introduced to NeurotriS.  She wasn’t really sure what she needed for her business, but when she heard Lori’s testimonials about NeurotriS she had to try it. 

Karen Invested in the SX 4500

Karen dove head first into the NeurotriS Dynamic Intelligence.  She invested into the NeurotriS SX 4500. This is our premiere device with the ability to treat the face and body.  This was the defining moment in her business. 

Why She Loves NeurotriS

 “It sent my business into the 6-figure mark. Once people saw the results they could achieve and felt so much better about the face looking back at them in the mirror, I basically had a line out the door. My client base also really likes the idea of age management in the healthiest way possible without the use of neurotoxins and fillers. They appreciate the education we provide as far as the machine not only making their skin look better but why it is actually making their cells healthier, and in turn their entire body healthier. 

We don’t believe in beauty at a cost...that healthy skin is beautiful skin even if we have a wrinkle or two. So NeurotriS helps us get the result our clients are looking for and as well as achieving our business mission at the same time.” Karen Weaver

What Accessories She Loves

We asked her which accessories for the SX4500 she enjoyed using the most. Here’s what Karen had to say, “Probably the gloves because of the grip I can get. However, I love the flexibility of having the ultrasonic/LED for targeted areas; the 4 prong probe for that stubborn neck area; and the smaller probes for eye/lip work. Having an arsenal of tools to work with so the treatment can be customized is one of my favorite things about the Neurotris machine.

Karen’s Favorite Uses For Her NeurotriS SX 4500

“Mainly age management concerns so lifting, smoothing, evening out the skin tone. We do offer body treatments too and our most popular areas are the abs/back area.” Karen Weaver

Karen’s Success Is Allowing Her to Open 5- Room Day Spa

She’s opening a spa in Greenville, SC that is slated to open in mid-August.  The spa will be called OASE Day Spa and offer skincare, massage and nails with 9 employees. She offers NeurotriS facial and body services.  

“OASE is pronounced oh-ay-suh which is oasis in Danish. My father is Danish. I am very proud of my Danish heritage as well as their outlook on beauty as something that is achieved mainly by eating well, being active and a good work/life balance. The Danes just have a healthy glow about them!” Karen Weaver. 

Karen recommends NeurotriS to all skincare professionals.

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