Run 2 Businesses with 1 NeurotriS System

If your first thought is, “2 Businesses means twice the income!” and your second thought is “How is this possible?”. Then you’re just the type of skincare professional we want as a NeurotriS partner!

We want you because you understand that maximizing your business’s income requires the business owner to maximize the type of services and amount of services that they provide to their clients. Oftentimes, this requires looking beyond the obvious and investigating outside of the box products and devices.

The Obvious - Run A Single Skincare Business

Yes, the obvious way to run a skincare business is to think in terms of the skin on the face! Yes, NeurotriS has an incredible system that no other microcurrent company is able to provide - Dynamic Microcurrent, which features a Bio-feedback monitoring loop.  This is crucial to optimizing results based on an individual’s skin type and density at the time of treatment. If you want to work with a microcurrent system that will maximize the treatments that you’re providing, NeurotriS is the only choice.

So, if you’re looking to become an expert provider of skincare treatments, we have the best option for you.

SX3800 Dynamic Facial System

This is our premiere facial system. The SX3800 will allow you to treat the most challenging skin types who come into your treatment room. The power in the SX3800 is not matched in any other machine on the market. You will be able to lift, tone and tighten facial muscles for clients who have deep wrinkles and severe skin laxity.


What You Can Do With The SX3800

You will be able to help them to diminish the appearance of crow’s feet, the dreaded 11’s between the eyebrows, you can lift the mid-face to help reduce any sagging in the nasal labial fold, you can also lift drooping jowls and help to tighten up loose skin on the neck that can lead to the “turkey wattle”.  

You will also be able to help clients find a luminous glow to their skin. Clients who are treated with the SX3800 will show brighter skin that glows and has a renewed fullness. These are the benefits of the improved hydration and oxygenation that are the result of a dynamic microcurrent treatment. 

Level 1 Body Toning & Anti-Cellulite
The SX3800 can also be used to work on areas of the body to improve superficial skin surfacing i.e. improve the décolleté by minimizing crepiness, toning and tightening the arms, legs, and buttox.  

The SX3800 can also improve and reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. The Dynamic Microcurrent technology oxygenates the skin cells by increasing blood and lymphatic flow.

The two main methods of combating cellulite are:

  1. Firm and tone the skin so that fat cells can not push through the criss-crossed facia fibers.
  2. Decrease the size of the fat cells, so they are no longer bulging through the fascia fibers giving that bumpy “orange peel” appearance.  

The Technology In The SX3800
The SX3800 features 4 independent signal channels of power allowing for more performance volume of the signals per square millimeter of skin surface area being treated with our famous 4 prong pico probes. 

The Outside Of The Box - Run A Skincare + Bodycare Business

If you’re open to earning more income by treating clients from head to toe, you’re thinking outside of the box. Opening up to the possibilities of additional revenue from the growing body contouring segment of the beauty industry is a great, outside of the box, thought to investigate. 

If you want to add bodycare services AND do facial treatments, you’ll need a single machine that can help you run both businesses.


SX4500 The Dynamic Ultimate Facial & Body System
This is the ultimate TOTAL Body dynamic microcurrent device.  

2 Businesses In 1 Machine
The SX4500 is two machines in one! It’s a complete facial system and a complete body system. The SX4500 is equipped with a multi channel facial system & our 16 channel body system all in one machine. This versatility makes the SX4500 ideal for both facial treatments as well as body contouring, fat-reduction treatments and cellulite treatments.

Facial Toning
The SX4500 has a complete multi channel facial system that is not matched in any other machine on the market. You will have all of the capabilities of the SX3800, in this machine that will also allow you to do Level 2 Body Toning.

Level 2 Body Toning - Complete Body Contouring Options
Level 2 body sculpting featured with the SX4500, will offer the most basic body contouring options to improve superficial skin surfacing i.e. improve the décolleté by minimizing crepiness, toning and tightening the arms, legs, and buttox.  

You will be able to improve and reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. The Dynamic Microcurrent technology oxygenates the skin cells by increasing blood and lymphatic flow. 

Fat Reduction, Anti-Cellulite Treatments, Muscle Toning
The SX4500, you can offer a full service body contouring menu. You can earn revenue for your business by performing fat reduction, Anti-Cellulite Treatments and Muscle Toning Treatments. Body contouring treatments are hugely popular.  More and more consumers are demanding effective body contouring treatments such as cavitation and lipolysis for fat reduction. The skincare professional can now perform these popular and highly sought after body contouring treatments without medical supervision*.

The proprietary body channel wavelength settings on the NeurotriS SX4500 are designed to induce lipolysis in the adipose tissue in the body. That means that the NeurotriS SX4500 can send microcurrents into the fat cells that will cause them to burst and then die, thus, fat reduction.  

The true beauty of using NeurotriS SX4500 over other lipolysis modalities is that NeurotriS also offers the ability to stimulate circulation in the body improving blood flow and lymphatic flow which is absolutely vital during lipolysis to help the body expel the now dead fat cells.  

The SX4500 can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. The skincare professional using the system selects the channels that tone and tighten the surface skin, preventing fat cells from bulging through the skin. These same dynamic microcurrent  settings will increase blood and lymphatic flow, flushing out the fluid in the fat cells, which shrinks them in size; these combined functions will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

You can also tone muscles in the body by choosing channel settings that will cause the body muscles tone and tighten.  

Building 2 Businesses That Overlap
You can find new clients who want body contouring treatments and you can earn even more money from your existing skincare clients by selling them body contouring services.  You will now have 2 full treatment menus that you can promote in totally different markets. 

You can partner with gyms, personal trainers, Barre facilities, crossfit facilities, and promote your body contouring services to clients who work hard to ensure that their bodies look great. You can also partner with registered dieticians, nutritionists, makeup artists, and hair stylists to promote your skincare treatments. 

Microcurrent Is Best Done In Series
Since your clients will see the best results when they do microcurrent treatments in a series, you can have one client in 2 different series of treatments.  Set them up on a series of facial treatments and set them up on a series of body contouring treatments.  This combination can earn your business thousands of dollars in revenue from a single client.  

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