3 Ways To Enhance A NeurotriS Facial Treatment

Offering NeurotriS body and facial treatments already provides exceptional results for your clients! Because of our Dynamic Microcurrent, your clients will see greater improvements in their skin than with other microcurrent systems! 

If you want to take the results to a new level, we have 3 suggestions to enhance the NeurotriS treatment by leveraging microcurrent as a delivery system to drive topicals into the skin, as well as, combining other modalities into your treatment. You can also improve your overall service sales by charging an additional price for each enhancement. 

1 Infuse Peptides | Stem Cells | Growth Factors 

You can use the NeurotriS microcurrent system to enhance the delivery of skin care ingredients. In a recent video demonstration for her new NeurotriS probe, the LIFT by Jane Mann, Jane explains that she loves to apply a peptide-rich serum to the skin prior to the treatment.  She also suggests combining the serum with the conductive gel.  

She instructs that you perform the NeurotriS facial treatment using your selected probe, on the face that has been treated with the serum and/or the serum infused conductive gel. Jane loves this because it helps to drive those actives deeper into the skin, giving the ingredients a greater opportunity to impact the skin, all while firming, toning and lifting the skin. 

2 Supercharge A Mask 

You can supercharge a sheet mask or solidified peel-off gel mask with the power of Dynamic Microcurrent, using the alligator clips. The liquid in the masks takes the place of the conductive gel and uses the microcurrent to help improve the delivery of the mask's active ingredients into the skin. 

It will deeply infuse the ingredients into the skin.  If you use firming ingredients, the charged mask will help those ingredients to penetrate so they can begin to do their job.

3 Shed Some LED Light On The Treatment

The impact of a NeurotriS treatment is to help lift, tone and shape the facial muscles.  The treatment will also help to kick start the metabolic process in the skin cells. Cells become more vital and are able to function at optimal levels.  You can also add Red or Near Infrared LED Light Therapy after a NeurotriS treatment. 

The LighStim LED Light Therapy treatment pictured here will also have a similar, positive impact  on the metabolic process of the skin cells, allowing your facial treatment exponentially greater results. 

Take your NeurotriS facial treatments to new levels with these very simple options.  You can improve the impact of your treatments. You can improve your clients’ overall level of satisfaction with your treatments.  Finally, you can improve your overall sales revenues! 

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