Conductive Gel

NeurotriS Conductive Gel is a Paraben free, chloride free, non-allergenic, odorless, colorless and water soluble conductivity gel used with our SX Series facial system's Probes". Neurotris Conductive Gel works by wetting the skin, thereby reducing skin resistance and allowing for a more complete delivery of the InSight WaveForm™. Use with the SX series machines & the Pico Toner.


ION Spray

NeurotriS ION Spray is specially formulated to maximize even distribution of the SX series Specific Frequency Signature (SFS) energy over the full surface of the Sculpting Gloves™. Made with natural Mediterranean Sea Salts, no color, no parabens an no perfume. The NeurotriS Ion Spray can also be used along with the NeurotriS gliding gels to enhance conduction. Use with the SX series machines & the Pico Toner.


Stem Cell Molecule Gel with 10% S2RM®

Conductive gliding gel with 10% S2RM® stem cell molecules. Paraben free, no perfumes or color added. S2RM® will enhance the natural healing properties of the skin. Use with the SX Series facial machines and the Pico Toner. NeurotriS and BioRegenerative Sciences (BRS) have combined their respective technologies to bring you the latest in anti-aging skin care. In addition to the specific frequency signatures applied to the skin by the NeurotriS facial machines, another positive effect, when used in conjunction with the S2RM® technology of BRS, is the introduction of the S2RM® molecules into the deeper layers of the skin. Thus, the stem cell released molecules in the S2RM® that mimic and enhance the natural healing properties of the skin are more efficiently applied to the layers of the skin when topically applied in conjunction with the NeurotriS Facial Machines. Use with the Pico Toner and the SX Facial machines.