NeurotriS Used by 3 Winners At The Skin Games

The 2020 Skin Games awards were presented in Palm Springs in October!  We're so proud to say that 3 incredibly talented skin care professionals who used NeurotriS in their case studies took home awards!

Each of these estheticians attributed their success to the use of the NeurotriS systems that they incorporated into their treatments.

We had a chance to chat with each of these dynamic winners and here's what they had to say about NeurotriS.

Be sure to check out the amazing results in their before and after photos of their case study models.

Brooke Mouzakis


1st Place - Holistic Category

NeurotriS System Used

Brooke's Business
Suite B Hair & Skin Lounge

Brooke's Home Town
Issaquah, WA

How Brooke used NeurotriS

"I used the PICO probes, single probes and gloves to perform Neurotris microcurrent treatments on my client's face and abdomen. I treated him weekly with the device for 8-weeks. I used the Nano, Pico, Lift, Tone and Build programs for my case study. I also used the Alligator clips on a bio cellulose sheet mask in the Iontophoresis program a few of times during my case study as well.

I also sell the PICO Toner to my clients for home care! Brooke

Why Brooke loves NeurotriS

"The results are incredible! I love having my client sit up and see their results in a handheld mirror after only 5-minutes on one side of their face. They are always so impressed!! The pico probes use 4 channels allowing for the multi-signal microcurrent to treat the skin surface area more efficiently than with a single channel system. Neurotris produces faster, longer lasting results."  Brooke

Brooke's Results - Before + After

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Kelly Wolcott


1st Place- Age Management
2nd  Place - Acne
3rd Place - Pigmentation
Finalist - Selfie + People's Choice

NeurotriS System Used

Kelly's Business
WISH Esthetics 

Kelly's Home Town
Santa Cruz, CA

How Kelly used NeurotriS

"Neurotris was used in the Age Management and Selfie categories. Age Management - I completed a series of 8 weekly sessions using the Neurotris SX-3800. With each session, I utilized the Pico 4 channel probes, the sculpting wands, and the gloves. For the Selfie category, I completed a series of 6 sessions using the Neurotris over a 4 week time period; again utilizing all 3 attachments.

I also sell the PICO Toner to my clients for home care!"


Why Kelly loves NeurotriS

"During my 20 years as an esthetician, I have had access to and used different microcurrent systems Neurotris delivers superior results for each one of my clients. The advanced technology, quality of the equipment, and the support offered by NeurotriS is the best in our business. I know when I recommend a series, I will see a marked improvement in their skin. I've created a signature service using NeurotriS in my practice, the WISH Sculpting Facial, the results achieved with this advanced modality allows me to grant my client's skin care WISH." Kelly

Kelly's Results - Before + After

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Sara Damico


2nd  Place- Age Management

NeurotriS System Used

Sarah's Business
Healthy Beautiful Skin and Tan

Sara's Home Town
Los Alamitos, CA

How Sara used NeurotriS

"My Neurotris machine was used in almost every treatment in my Age Management Skin Games case study. Treatments were done as a bi-weekly series lasting 8 weeks, consisting of about 40 minutes of microcurrent massage using the Pico probes or gloves. I also incorporated other modalities that paired well with the microcurrent such as LED, fascia release massage, and nano infusion.

I also sell the PICO Toner to my clients for home care!"


Why Sara loves NeurotriS

"I love Neurotris because it is high powered, effective and non invasive. It undoubtedly delivers results that I have never been able to deliver to my clients before. It is also very versatile. I love all the different accessories I can use it with. I love using the pads under LED and the alligator clips with sheet masks. I never get bored! I use it for not only firming aging skin but also for healing my acne clients and repairing compromised skin conditions. This machine never lets me down and pairs so well with all of my products and other modalities. It’s been the best investment in my skincare practice I’ve ever made." Sara

Sara's Results - Before + After

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