ANMA Lift by Jane Mann

NeurotriS had teamed up with Jane Mann to create a game changing Dynamic Microcurrent hand piece!

Introducing the ANMA Lift by Jane Mann

The ANMA Lift by Jane Mann adds the power of Dynamic Microcurrent to Jane Mann’s ANMA Lift facial contouring tool that uses specialized facial massage techniques to help restore definition, collagen and elastin to the skin. 

Treats Face & Body Using NeurotriS SX Series Systems

Purchase the ANMA Lift by Jane Mann and use as a probe accessory to your existing SX Series NeurotriS system. This revolutionary dual probe fuels a highly effective facial massage tool with the technology of NeurotriS Dynamic Microcurrent to create a Lifting & Sculpting Probe for any NeurotriS SX series systems in the treatment room that can be used on the face and body! You can use one or two probes.

 Easy To Use Home Care Device

Purchase The ANMA Lift and the PICO Toner to create a truly, a one of a kind NeurotriS Dynamic Microcurrent device for routine home use by consumers with the PICO Toner.  Now consumers can use the Lift with the PICO Toner at home.  This will help to build on and maintain the impact of professional SX-System treatments in the treatment room

More About Jane Mann

Jane Mann is a highly respected esthetician, educator and innovator.  She designed the ANMA after years of studying facial massage.  The ANMA provides manual manipulation that releases muscle tension and restricted fascia, increases circulation and minimizes tension lines created by repeated facial expressions.

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