Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal at NeurotriS.  Over the years, in listening to our customer feedback and in conducting our own field research we became aware of some ways that we could improve on our NeurotriS Systems and accessories.

We are so proud to introduce the ALL NEW + IMPROVED Infinity Probes - these new probes have been re-imagined from top to bottom! Every aspect of the new probe has been designed for versatility, longevity and ease of use!  

Now providing a NeurotriS treatment will be more fluid and free.  You will find that the newly designed probes work with you as you rotate and move during the treatment.  You will enjoy the freedom of a longer cable, which will allow you to have your NeurotriS system a bit farther from the treatment area. 

NeurotriS CEO, Tony Picciano, explains new NeurotriS Infinity Probes in video below.

New NeurotriS Infinity Probe Handle Has Lifetime Warranty

New NeurotriS Infinity ProbeTreatment Tips

The new and improved probe handle is NOT plastic!  It’s made from Delrin®In fact it’s so strong NeurotriS handles have a lifetime warranty! 

New NeurotiriS Infinity Probe

New NeurotriS Infinity Probe Cables are now Detachable

We’ve also improved the probe tip design, now with medical grade stainless steel. You can remove the tips for cleaning. They’re also easily replaceable. 

new neurotris infinity probe

New Strain Relief Swivel Cable Attachments

We improved the overall design of the cables!  New design, New material for extra strength and they’re detachable!

In our field research we discovered that from the rotation of the probe on a daily basis, the wires inside the cables would fatigue from excessive use and they would break, which required NeurotriS system owners to send in the probes for repair or replacement.

Now, the new detachable cables allow for easy replacement!  No matter if your cable is cut accidentally from getting caught in a drawer, or some other accident.  You just unscrew the cable from the base of the probe and in seconds - replace the cable and get back to business.

We highly recommend having extra cables on hand in your treatment room so that you never have to miss a single service.

New Cable 1
New Cable 2
New Cable3 3

New Longer, Stronger, More Flexible Wire In Cables

We’ve also improved the design of the wire in the cable, the new design is called Tinsel - which allows for more twisting and stretching.  It’s more forgiving to the strain of regular use. 

We also increased the length to 71/2 feet, to make it more comfortable to use your NeurotriS System.  Allowing for a more convenient treatment room set up.

The all new + improved design features Strain Relief Swivel Cable Attachments. This design element is where the cable attaches to the probe handle. Strain Relief Attachments will increase the strength of the attachment and eliminate some of the fatigue on the wire to increase the lifespan of the cable. 

NeurotriS also added a “Swivel” feature to the attachment.  This new and improved design feature works with you- as you turn and twist your probes during treatment the cable now swivels on the end of the probe handle.  Cables no longer get twisted during the treatment. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 7.11.06 AM

Show Off Your Infinity Probes On Instagram

Enjoy using your new Infinity Probes!  We’d love to see how you enjoy using them!  Post of photo or video on Instagram and tag @neurotris and use #InfinityProbe!  We may share your photos on our Instagram page!

Tony Picciano Explains New Infinity Probes

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