Beverly Hills Esthetician Treats Paris Hilton with NeurotriS

Beverly Hills Esthetician Treats Paris Hilton with NeurotriS


Meet Heather Nicole

Meet Heather Nicole, the Beverly Hills based esthetician and owner of Heather Nicole Advanced Integrative Skin Care who owns 3 NeurotriS systems!

She'll explain to you why can't live without her 3 NeurotriS systems because she treats Paris Hilton, who loves NeurotriS!

Heather Nicole founded Heather Nicole Advanced Integrative Skin Care, 10 years ago in the famed Beverly Hills section of Los Angeles.  She’s been an esthetician for 19 years and has worked in every aspect of the industry from resort spas, medical spas and even a few plastic surgery offices.  

Her love of NeurotriS became evident about 10 years ago when she opened her 3 room treatment facility in Beverly Hills.  Pre-Covid she had 2 full-time estheticians working with her, all of them doing NeurotriS treatments regularly.

Beverly Hills Esthetician Loves Her 3 NeurotriS Systems

In order to perform all of these advanced modalities for face and body, Heather Nicole can choose from her 3 NeurotriS systems. She owns the SX-50, the SX-3800, and the SX-4500.




"While the sx-3800 was the first NeurotriS system that I purchased, I will emphatically tell you, the SX-4500 is my favorite because it does it all!!!" Heather Nicole

When we spoke to her we found out why she was easily able to purchase 3.  

My first machine paid for itself in 30 days. I sell packages of NeurotriS treatments to my clients because these treatments are like going to the gym. You have to do a series to get optimal results.” Heather Nicole

Some Before + After Examples Of Heather Nicole’s Optimal Results

In the 3 images below you can clearly see the incredible results that NeurotriS can help you achieve. Take Heather Nicole’s suggestion and make sure every client purchases a series of treatments. NeurotriS not only lifts and firms the skin, it also reduces the appearance of fine lines.  You can even see that the client’s skin looks smoother and almost more radiant. 


Beverly Hills Esthetician Also Sells Retail

In addition to the incredible revenue that she generates by selling NeurotriS treatment packages, Heather Nicole also earns additional revenue by selling retail products.  She offers the NeurotriS PICO Toner (Home System) to her clients so they can accentuate the in-treatment results at home.

Q+A with Heather Nicole

Q: How long have you been using  NeurotriS? 

A: 10 years 


Q: How did you find NeurotriS?

A: Through extensive research at trade shows. I looked at every machine that was on the market at that time. 


Q: Why did you choose NeurotriS?

A: I love American made products. I also loved that they were local and they offered a lot of support and education. 


Q: What’s your favorite handpiece?

A: The signature forks (PICO probes) are amazing. It’s hard to pick a favorite. I also love the gloves! 


Q: What skin conditions/body conditions do you treat using NeurotriS? 

A: These machines really treat everything from acne to anti-aging and pigmentation/photodamage.  Body strength & tone, stretch marks and cellulite.


Q: How has NeurotriS helped you in your business? 

A: Having a top of the line machine that people seek out really gives you credibility.

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