Third Generation Dynamic Systems

NeurotriS Dynamic Intelligent Systems features a Bio-Feedback monitoring loop that automatically sequences different signals throughout the duration of the preset program optimizing results based on an individual’s skin type at the time of the treatment.

This is what our clients have to say!

"One of the hardest things about aging is looking in the mirror and seeing your Grandmother. At 72, I was healthy and active, but my face was dry, sallow, and saggy. I made an appointment with Patricia at NeurotriS. I did the NeurotriS facial Treatment once a week for four weeks and WOW, my skin has not looked or felt this good for years!" - Pat


"Did 3 of my regular clients today (face), and was hoping to see a little improvement over my other machine...and OMG.....unbelievable results! One client already scheduled another 10 package for her face with the new machine...that’s how amazing her results were. Needless to say we are all beyond excited! Thanks again for your excellent training and unending patience." - Linda V, Austin, TX


  • 4 manual mode programs for a more focused and customized treatment
  • 2 Auto mode programs that automatically sequence multiple signals during a preset timed session for advanced facial, toning and tightening
  • Bio-feedback monitoring loop optimizing results based on an individual’s skin type
  • Micro, Nano, Pico Technologies
  • Multi- Signaling: Optimizing signal selection for every skin type
  • User Adjustable Amplitude Controls For Maximizing Individual Results


Accessories Include:

  • Probes with interchangeable tips
  • Silver Sculpting Gloves
  • Facial toning pads
  • 3 in one function Probe
  • Quad Cable
  • Glove cable