SX3800 Dynamic Facial System

This is our premiere facial system. The SX3800 will allow you to treat the most challenging skin types who come into your treatment room. The power in the SX3800 is not matched in any other machine on the market. You will be able to lift, tone and tighten facial muscles for clients who have deep wrinkles and severe skin laxity. 


What You Can Do With The SX3800
You will be able to help them to diminish the appearance of crow’s feet, the dreaded 11’s between the eyebrows, you can lift the mid-face to help reduce any sagging in the nasal labial fold, you can also lift drooping jowls and help to tighten up loose skin on the neck that can lead to the “turkey wattle”.   A series of twice weekly treatments will produce cumulative and profound results.

You will also be able to help clients find a luminous glow to their skin. Clients who are treated with the SX-3800 will show brighter skin that glows and has a renewed fullness. These are the benefits of the improved hydration and oxygenation that are the result of a dynamic microcurrent treatment. 

Level 1 Body Toning & Anti-Cellulite
The SX-3800 can also be used to work on areas of the body to improve superficial skin surfacing i.e. improve the décolleté by minimizing crepiness, toning and tightening the arms, legs, and buttox.  

The SX3800 can also improve and reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. The Dynamic Microcurrent technology oxygenates the skin cells by increasing blood and lymphatic flow.

The two main methods of combating cellulite are:

  1. Firm and tone the skin so that fat cells can not push through the criss-crossed facia fibers.
  2. Decrease the size of the fat cells, so they are no longer bulging through the fascia fibers giving that bumpy “orange peel” appearance.  

The Technology In The SX3800

The SX3800 features 4 independent signal channels of power allowing for more performance volume of the signals per square millimeter of skin surface area being treated with our famous 4 prong pico probes. 

L.E.D. Optical Switches


The SX-3800 Facial Rejuvenation System has holographic mechanical optical switches that offer clear vibrant illumination of what state the machine is currently in.

Frequency Specific L.C.D. Facial Rejuvenation Presets


The SX-3800 Facial Rejuvenation System has 4 independent channels. Each channel is controlled independently from each other. All 4 channels have 6 frequency specific presets for maximum facial toning effects.

Amplitude Control Knobs


The technician has the ability to make fine adjustments to accommodate different skin types for maximum performance.

4 Independent Channel Outputs


Each channel has its own independent signal generator which allows for more unique signatures delivered over the treatment area at one time.

Bio-Feedback Monitoring Computer


The SX-3800 Facial Rejuvenation System has a bio-feedback monitoring computer that continuously monitors total body impedance and makes automatic adjustments to maintain a pure waveform even at very low (Nano) levels of current.

Rear Panel


The SX-3800 is built with the highest quality medical grade UL 60601-3 power supply. The power input port will automatically recognize any worldwide voltage (110v – 240v). All SX series machines are individually safety inspected by an independent agency to comply with UL medical grade safety standards 60601-3.

Pico Probes


The SX-3800 includes 1 set of multi-channel 4 prong facial sculpting probes.

Conductive Electrolyte Facial Gel


The SX-3800 includes 1 tube of conductive electrolyte facial gel that is used with our facial sculpting probes to effectively deliver the signatures to the skin.

Medical Grade Power Cord


The SX-3800 includes 1 UL 60601-3 medical grade power cord for to comply with regulatory standards.

SX-3800 User's Manual


The SX-3800 includes 1 user's manual. Includes in the manual is a training DVD, marketing DVD and brochures. The marketing DVD includes testimonial videos that you can loop in you waiting room for your customers.

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