The SX-4500 Ultimate Body & Facial Toning Microcurrent System

The all NEW SX-4500 features “Platinum Nano” second generation microcurrent technology. The SX-4500 combines the features of our facial and body systems into one Ultimate total toning machine. The machine features functions for facial and body toning Level I and Level II. The signatures are delivered using our patented technologies. Processes are monitored through a built in biofeedback monitoring computer for optimum program values for every client.

SX-4500 Body Contouring Feature

The SX-4500 is programmed with the same features as the SX-101. 16 Channels, 16 LCD computer display monitors, dual frequency controllers for extreme results. See a reduction in dress size immediately. Experience a relaxing treatment and see why Vogue magazine calls this "The Miracle Machine".

Legs and Buttocks Sculpting:
With each relaxing session, you will see benefits immediately, improve sagging areas, overall toning, and improved appearance.

Stomach and Back Sculpting:
Tighten and tone the abdominal area and love handles with each session designed to tone your waist line.

Arm Sculpting:
Experience a relaxing session resulting in sleeker arms. Flabby arms are toned and tightened. See improvements in sagging areas!

*** A series of twice weekly treatments will produce cumulative and profound results, as seen here! ***

SX-4500 Facial Toning Feature

The facial toning feature of the SX-4500 uses the latest advancements in our patent pending Dual-Core ISOGEN Pico technology to deliver our Micro, Nano and Pico signatures. The facial toning feature is preprogrammed with 6 presets for true facial toning. Each preset is comprised of specific frequencies to make a unique signature for each program. The facial toning feature has a built in biofeedback computer that monitors the total impendence during the treatment. Our signatures are delivered using our Dual-Core ISOGEN Pico technology along with our 4 prong Pico Probes. Each prong has its own signal generating system (2 channels). This means that the results are 4 times as great as compared to a single channel system. The facial toning feature has the ability to maintain a pure waveform even at very low (Nano) levels of current (InSight WaveForm™) resulting in a unique and powerful system with extreme proven results.
*** A series of twice weekly treatments will produce cumulative and profound results, as seen here! ***

Timer Control


The SX-4500 Microcurrent Total Body System has a user programmable digital timer allowing you to preset your session length depending on client goals or spa packages being offered. Holographic mechanical optical switches offer clear vibrant illumination of what state the machine is currently in.

Frequency Specific L.C.D. Body Contouring Presets


The SX-4500 Microcurrent Total Body System has 16 independent channels. Each group of 8 channels has its own preset frequency selector. This allows for more advanced hook-ups to treat multiple ares in a single session.

Frequency Specific L.C.D. Facial Toning Presets


The SX-4500 Facial Toning Feature has 2 independent channels. Channels 1 & 2 are controlled independently from each other. Both channels have 6 frequency specific presets for maximum facial toning effects.

Length and rest Control


The SX-4500 Microcurrent Total Body System has a unique circuit built into the machine that controls the length and rest time of the treatment independently from each other. The length and rest time controllers can be programed from 1 second to 6 seconds. Also, for the technician´s convenience, there is an L.E.D. indicator that illuminates to advise the current status.

Amplitude Control Knobs


The SX-4500 Microcurrent Total Body System has 16 high quality frequency amplitude control knobs to adjust the session for maximum efficacy. Each channel is controlled by an LCD monitor to indicate an accurate level setting.

Independent Channel Outputs


The SX-4500 Microcurrent Total Body System has 16 independent channel outputs that produce ultra-high definition specific frequency signals. Each channel output has both a positive and negative lead that uses a unique delivery system making each channel independent of each other.

Bio-Feedback Monitoring Computer


The SX-4500 Microcurrent Total Body System has a bio-feedback monitoring computer that continuously monitors total body impedance and makes automatic adjustments to maintain a pure waveform even at very low (Nano) levels of current.

Rear Panel


The SX-4500 is built with the highest quality medical grade UL 60601-3 power supply. The power input port will automatically recognize any worldwide voltage (110v – 240v). All SX series machines are individually safety inspected by an independent agency to comply with UL medical grade safety standards 60601-3.

Body Cables


The SX series body cables are manufactured with the highest quality thermoplastic materials to withstand oils and other contaminates to give long lasting durability. The body cables are fitted with medical grade electrode snaps that comply with regulatory guidelines.

Conductive Silver Microfiber Body Pads


The SX-4500 includes 16 small and 32 large silver microfiber conductive body pads.

Conductive Aluminum Plates


The SX-4500 includes 16 small and 32 large high quality aluminum conductive plates.

Nylatex Body Straps


The SX-4500 includes a set of 12 (4 small, 4 medium, 2 Large, 2 Extra Large) body straps. These straps are used to hold the microfiber pads in place during the session.

Standard Probes


The SX-4500 Includes 1 set of single channel probes with one large and one small tip set.

Pico Probes


The SX-4500 Includes 1 set of multi-channel 4 prong facial toning probes.

Conductive Electrolyte Facial Gel


The SX-4500 Includes 1 tube of conductive electrolyte facial gel that is used with our facial toning probes to effectively deliver the signatures to the skin.

Remote Stop Switch


The SX-4500 includes remote client stop switch, when pressed will stop the current session.

Medical Grade Power Cord


The SX-4500 includes 1 UL 60601-3 medical grade power cord for to comply with regulatory standards.

SX-4500 User's Manual


The SX-4500 includes 1 user´s manual. Includes in the manual is a training DVD, marketing DVD and brochures. The marketing DVD includes testimonial videos that you can loop in you waiting room for your customers.

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