SX4500 Dynamic Ultimate Facial & Body System

This is the ultimate TOTAL Body dynamic microcurrent device.  

Facial Toning
Treat the most challenging skin types that come into your treatment room.  The SX4500 has a complete multi channel facial system that is not matched in any other machine on the market. You will be able to lift, tone and tighten facial muscles for clients who have deep wrinkles and severe skin laxity. 

The Multi channel signaling allows for more performance volume of the signals per square millimeter of skin surface area being treated with our famous 4 prong pico probes. This means that you will have the energy you need to achieve great results for some of your more challenging skin types. Give clients a luminous glow that has gorgeous hydrated, oxygenated skin from the dynamic microcurrent.


Results You Can Achieve on the Face

The power of NeurotriS Dynamic Microcurrent can help you achieve great results for your clients. When clients are on a regular home care routine with quality products, regular NeurotriS treatments can help achieve incredible results. 

Clients will experience an overall refresh in their skin’s appearance because dynamic microcurrent improves cellular function and cellular respiration, literally breathing new life into the skin that improves luminosity, volume and firmness. 

NeurotriS will lift and firm the skin. You can use the PICO probes and/or the gloves on the face and neck to help improve mid face volume, diminish nasolabial folds and marionette lines, which give the face a more full and youthful appearance.

You can also help your clients find lift, toning and tightening in very specific areas of the face with the Infinity Probes. These are designed to help plump the lips to eliminate smokers lines around the mouth, they can be used around the eye to offer a lid lift and reduce under eye puffiness.  

The combination of both probes, along with the gloves, will allow you to create a lift and renewal to the skin that can not be achieved with topical treatments and home care alone.

4500 before and after images

Level 2 Body Toning - Complete Body Contouring Options
Level 2 body sculpting featured with the SX4500, will offer the most basic body contouring options to improve superficial skin surfacing i.e. improve the décolleté by minimizing crepiness, toning and tightening the arms, legs, and buttox.  

You will be able to improve and reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. The Dynamic Microcurrent technology oxygenates the skin cells by increasing blood and lymphatic flow. 

However, with the SX4500, you can offer a full service body contouring menu. You can earn revenue for your business by performing fat reduction, Anti-Cellulite Treatments and Muscle toning Treatments. 

Fat Reduction, Anti-Cellulite Treatments, Muscle Toning
Body contouring treatments are hugely popular.  More and more consumers are demanding effective body contouring treatments such as cavitation and lipolysis for fat reduction. The skincare professional can now perform these popular and highly sought after body contouring treatments without medical supervision*.

The proprietary body channel wavelength settings on the NeurotriS SX4500 are designed to induce lipolysis in the adipose tissue in the body. That means that the NeurotriS SX-4500 can send microcurrents into the fat cells that will cause them to burst and then die, thus, fat reduction.  

Lipolysis + Lymphatic Drainage In 1 Machine
The true beauty of using NeurotriS SX4500 over other lipolysis modalities is that NeurotriS also offers the ability to stimulate circulation in the body improving blood flow and lymphatic flow which is absolutely vital during lipolysis to help the body expel the now dead fat cells.  

The SX4500 can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. The skincare professional using the system selects the channels that tone and tighten the surface skin, preventing fat cells from bulging through the skin. These same dynamic microcurrent  settings will increase blood and lymphatic flow, flushing out the fluid in the fat cells, which shrinks them in size; these combined functions will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

You can also tone muscles in the body by choosing channel settings that will cause the body muscles tone and tighten.  

What's In The SX-4500 Box When You Get It?

What's In The Box - Complete List

Total facial & Body System

1 Manual Training & Marketing DVD / Owner’s Manual

Brochure Pack 4 Facial and Body Machine

Conductive Plates Size S (16-Pack)

Conductive Plates Size L (16-Pack)

Microfiber Body Pads Size L (32-Pack)

Microfiber Body Pads Size S (32-Pack)

High Performance Facial Toning Pads (24-Pack)

High Performance Adhesive Pads (S) 2x2 (40-Pack)

High Performance Adhesive Pads (L) 2x4 (40-Pack)

Conduction Gliding Gel (8oz Bottle)

Ionic Conduction Spray (8oz Spray Bottle)

Sculpting Gloves

Poly Glove Inserts Size M (100-Pack)

Grey Glove Snap Cables (2-Pack)

Quad Facial Pad Cables with 8 alligator clips (2-pack)

SX Body System Cables (16-Pack)

AC Power Cord US

Infinity Probe Set with tips (1-Red, 1-Black)

SX Quad Pico Probe Set (1-Black, 1-Red)

Photon Probe with LED Glasses

Single Probe Tip Size L

SX Microfiber Body strap Pack (4-S, 4-M, 2-L, 2-XL) (12-Pack)

SX-4500 Video Learning Center

SX-4500 Accessories
Buttox Treatments
Glutes + Thigh Treatments
Abdominal Treatments

Timer Control


The SX-4500 Microcurrent Total Body System has a user programmable digital timer allowing you to preset your session length depending on client goals or spa packages being offered. Holographic mechanical optical switches offer clear vibrant illumination of what state the machine is currently in.

Frequency Specific L.C.D. Body Contouring Presets


The SX-4500 Microcurrent Total Body System has 16 independent channels. Each group of 8 channels has its own preset frequency selector. This allows for more advanced hook-ups to treat multiple ares in a single session.

Frequency Specific L.C.D. Facial Toning Presets


The SX-4500 Facial Toning Feature has 2 independent channels. Channels 1 & 2 are controlled independently from each other. Both channels have 6 frequency specific presets for maximum facial toning effects.

Length and rest Control


The SX-4500 Microcurrent Total Body System has a unique circuit built into the machine that controls the length and rest time of the treatment independently from each other. The length and rest time controllers can be programed from 1 second to 6 seconds. Also, for the technician´s convenience, there is an L.E.D. indicator that illuminates to advise the current status.

Amplitude Control Knobs


The SX-4500 Microcurrent Total Body System has 16 high quality frequency amplitude control knobs to adjust the session for maximum efficacy. Each channel is controlled by an LCD monitor to indicate an accurate level setting.

Independent Channel Outputs


The SX-4500 Microcurrent Total Body System has 16 independent channel outputs that produce ultra-high definition specific frequency signals. Each channel output has both a positive and negative lead that uses a unique delivery system making each channel independent of each other.

Bio-Feedback Monitoring Computer


The SX-4500 Microcurrent Total Body System has a bio-feedback monitoring computer that continuously monitors total body impedance and makes automatic adjustments to maintain a pure waveform even at very low (Nano) levels of current.

Rear Panel


The SX-4500 is built with the highest quality medical grade UL 60601-3 power supply. The power input port will automatically recognize any worldwide voltage (110v – 240v). All SX series machines are individually safety inspected by an independent agency to comply with UL medical grade safety standards 60601-3.

Body Cables


The SX series body cables are manufactured with the highest quality thermoplastic materials to withstand oils and other contaminates to give long lasting durability. The body cables are fitted with medical grade electrode snaps that comply with regulatory guidelines.

Conductive Silver Microfiber Body Pads


The SX-4500 includes 16 small and 32 large silver microfiber conductive body pads.

Conductive Aluminum Plates


The SX-4500 includes 16 small and 32 large high quality aluminum conductive plates.

Nylatex Body Straps


The SX-4500 includes a set of 12 (4 small, 4 medium, 2 Large, 2 Extra Large) body straps. These straps are used to hold the microfiber pads in place during the session.

Standard Probes


The SX-4500 Includes 1 set of single channel probes with one large and one small tip set.

Pico Probes


The SX-4500 Includes 1 set of multi-channel 4 prong facial toning probes.

Conductive Electrolyte Facial Gel


The SX-4500 Includes 1 tube of conductive electrolyte facial gel that is used with our facial toning probes to effectively deliver the signatures to the skin.

Remote Stop Switch


The SX-4500 includes remote client stop switch, when pressed will stop the current session.

Medical Grade Power Cord


The SX-4500 includes 1 UL 60601-3 medical grade power cord for to comply with regulatory standards.

SX-4500 User's Manual


The SX-4500 includes 1 user´s manual. Includes in the manual is a training DVD, marketing DVD and brochures. The marketing DVD includes testimonial videos that you can loop in you waiting room for your customers.

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