Welcome To The New Neurotris!

NeurotriS presents the NEW SX Series professional facial & body systems that proudly features the next generation of microcurrent technology “Platinum Nano™”. Platinum Nano™ offers several technological breakthroughs so unique that the US Patent & Trademark Office has allowed for 34 new innovating claims “US Patent # 8,340,756 B2”. Patent filed December 25 2012.

If you are not ready for surgical procedures because of time, financial, or medical limitations, our new SX-Series microcurrent product line offers a non-invasive approach to improve and return a youthful appearance. The experience is wonderfully relaxing and euphoric, causes no pain, swelling or downtime, and noticeable results begin immediately! See why Vogue magazine calls the SX Series "The Miracle Machine"!

Press Release 07/01/2016:

A-1 Engineering's NEW Irvine facility has been recently inspected by the CDPH to insure compliance to the FDA Quality System Regulation Title 22 Part 820 quality management system & procedures, device history records (DHR), safety & performance. NeurotriS / A-1 Engineering is an approved licensed facility that meets applicable FDA requirements and specifications for current good manufacturing practices (CGMP’s) license # 78634. NeurotriS / A-1 Engineering is the only Licensed approved Microcurrent medical device manufacturing facility approved to sell and distribute worldwide with CE Declaration of Conformity.


Personal Face & Body Toner

NeurotriS introduces the worlds most advanced personal face & body toner. The NeurotriS PICO Toner™ is the only hand held microcurrent device intended for home use that uses personal Silver Gloves™ to bring back the natural "glow" of youthful hues for a more youthful appearance. The patented NeurotriS Silver Gloves™ are designed to deliver the specific preset signatures evenly allowing for more improved results!

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Gen2 Facial System

See visible results instantly. Not only will you be incredibly relaxed, you will see instant results with each session. This process uses second generation specific signals to immediately improve your overall appearance and return the natural "glow" of youthful hues.

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Gen2 Body System

This process uses second generation Specific Frequency Signatures to give you instant visible results. See an immediate reduction in your dress size! Experience a relaxing session from the NeurotriS microcurrent machine that Vogue Magazine calls, "The Miracle Machine".

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